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# Cloud of Fame Award
# **Cloud of Fame Award** The Deck Network
![The Deck Ad network: ads without tracking](/images/spotlight/the-deck.jpg)
> “We’re fine with knowing nothing… As a network we have never issued cookies or tracked readers in any way.” – [Source](
# **The Deck Network** (
## Advertising without tracking
Folks like the [IAB](/spotlight/ and [Wired magazine](/splotlight/ will tell you that behavioural advertising is the only way publishers can make money. How surprising, then, that an alternative ad network called [The Deck]( has been successfully supporting independent publishers with non-behavioural advertising for years.
# Cloud of Shame Award
# **Cloud of Shame Award** by LifeBuzz Media
![The web site](/spotlight/
> You’ll never believe how many trackers this ONE web site has. – Ed.
# **LifeBuzz** by LifeBuzz Media (
## Is this the worst site on the web?
**The 172 trackers on just one site cost Americans over $3M a month in data and over $600,000 in energy.**
The web might be a sewer of surveillance but some sites take things to altogether new and absurd levels.
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