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<article class='review'>
<h3><span class='quote-mark-left'></span>Best Blocker Out There<span class='quote-mark-right'></span> <span
class="rating rating-5">5 stars</span></h3>
<p class='credit'>by DoxyDad1977 – Jan 22, 2020</p>
<div class='description'>
<p><span class='quote-mark-left'></span>I've tried several content blockers before and many of them broke websites
or would lead to the website blocking me when I went to the site. Not so with Better Bocker! It blocks most
annoying ads and works with most sites. It's a smooth, frustration-free experience that I have recommended to
several friends.<span class='quote-mark-right'></span></p>
<article class='review'>
<h3><span class='quote-mark-left'></span>So good and totally seamless<span
class='quote-mark-right'></span> <span class="rating rating-5">5 stars</span></h3>
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