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title: "Under digital surveillance: how American schools spy on millions of kids"
date: 2019-10-22T14:21:20+01:00
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tags: ["surveillance", "schools", "privacy"]
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publication: "The Guardian"
writer: "Lois Beckett"
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> “Unlike gun control, Marlow said, ‘Surveillance is politically palatable, and so they’re pursuing surveillance as a way you can demonstrate action, even though there’s no evidence that it will positively impact the problem.’”
>“Some people think that technology is magic, that artificial intelligence will save us,” Vance said. “A lot of the questions and a lot of the privacy concerns haven’t [been] thought of, let alone addressed.”
> “For black students, and students with disabilities, who already face a disproportionate amount of harsh disciplinary measures, the introduction of new kinds of surveillance may be especially harmful, privacy experts said.”
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