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title: "When Binary Code Won’t Accommodate Nonbinary People"
date: 2019-10-31T17:00:26Z
type: ["lens"]
tags: ["discrimination", "gender", "systemic issues"]
categories: ["Laura’s Lens"]
body_classes: "lens"
postURL: ""
publication: "Slate"
writer: "Meredith Broussard"
image: "image.jpg"
>“This is not about math, but about human social values being superimposed on a mathematical system. The question becomes: Whose values are encoded in the system?”
> …
>“That trans and gender nonconforming people are excluded from or subjugated to information systems is a phenomenon [Anna Lauren Hoffmann] labels data violence, or ‘Harm inflicted on trans and gender nonconforming people not only by government-run systems, but also the information systems that permeate our everyday social lives.’”
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