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title: "Car Companies Want to Monitor Your Every Move With Emotion-Detecting AI"
date: 2020-07-27T17:48:25+01:00
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tags: ["surveillance capitalism", "emotion detection", "artificial intelligence"]
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publication: "Motherboard"
writer: "Todd Feathers"
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>“Very soon, Cerence announced, it plans to deepen that data mining operation with in-cabin cameras linked to emotion-detecting AI—algorithms that monitor minute changes in facial expression in order to determine a person’s emotional state at any given time. 
>But safety is only one attraction of in-cabin monitoring. The systems also hold huge potential for harvesting the kind of behavioral data that Google, Facebook, and other surveillance capitalists have exploited to target ads and influence purchasing habits.
>Eyeris CEO Modar Alaoui likewise told Motherboard that while his company’s technology is primarily designed to improve safety, “we do foresee at some point that [automakers] will try to leverage the data for several use cases, whether it be for advertising or [determining] insurance” premiums.”
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