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Start adding a like-this, fund-us shortcode. (Unstyled)

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......@@ -48,3 +48,5 @@ My work means I’m always striving to make privacy and broader ethics in techno
Honest, sustainable, and independent design is important to me. I believe the web should be owned and controlled by the people who use it, and we who create technology should do so ethically and responsibly. I like [small tech](, not big tech.
I also speak and write regularly about the importance of [accessibility](/tags/accessibility/), [inclusivity](/tags/inclusivity/) and [diversity]( in the web and tech communities. I first became interested in the web because I loved how it made information and shared experiences available to (almost) everybody. I want to work for a web that is equally accessible to all people, and respects their rights.
{{< likethis >}}
<aside id="like-this">
<h2>Like this? Support my work!</h2>
<p>If you find my work useful or valuable, please help me continue by <a href="">supporting our work at Small Technology Foundation</a>. We are a tiny not-for-profit organisation working on everyday tools for everyday people designed to increase human welfare, not corporate profits.</p>
<p>You can support us by <a href="">becoming a patron of our foundation</a>, or just by giving my work a shout-out. It really means a lot to me ❤️</p>
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -423,11 +423,14 @@ hr {
.entry-content img,
.entry-content > a,
.entry-content pre,
.entry-content div.highlight {
.entry-content div.highlight,
aside#like-this h2,
aside#like-this p {
grid-column: 2 / 7;
.entry-content figure {
.entry-content figure,
aside#like-this {
grid-column: 1 / 8;
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