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title: "A little update on the Accessibility For Everyone audiobook sales"
date: 2018-12-19T09:23:18Z
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*This is another in a series of winter catch-up posts.*
In August, we released the [Accessibility For Everyone audiobook](/accessibility-for-everyone-audiobook), and did [a big promotional push at the end of September](, on the paperback’s first birthday.
Now the third quarter of the year is well over, I have some statistics on the audiobook sales.<!--more-->
In its first two months, before the push, we sold 96 audiobooks. Whether that’s a high or low number really depends on your expectations. I’m really pleased! The audiobook accounted for 19% of all sales (paperback, ebook, audiobook) for those two months. The audiobook was new, and the other formats had been out for a year, so that percentage will probably drop over the following months. But overall, making the audiobook version for 96+ people was definitely worthwhile.
You know I’m not in it to make money, but I was fortunate that my brother Sam had the expertise and generosity to produce the audiobook for me, so it was not an expensive undertaking. Much like making an ebook, many of us already own the tech equipment (computer, ok-quality microphone) required for producing an audiobook, it just requires some dedicated time.
The audiobook was planned all the way back in my original book proposal, it makes perfect sense to produce an audiobook for a book about accessibility. Still, I hope other authors in the web community see the relative success of this audiobook, and consider it as a format for their books too!
You can [buy the Accessibility For Everyone audiobook on Audible](
{{< img src="afe-audiobook.jpg" alt="Accessibility For Everyone paperback book alongside an iPod playing the Accessibility For Everyone audiobook." >}}
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