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title: 19 December 2018 07:55 UTC
date: 2018-12-19T07:55:46Z
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I don’t necessarily agree with the conclusion of [this article, ‘“Owning your data” will not save you from data capitalism’]( but I think it makes a few particularly useful points:
- “Owning” your own data can imply the ability/desire to sell it. It shouldn’t.
- It’s not just information about us as individuals that is valuable, the connective and meta data conveying our relationships to others is arguably more valuable.
- Plenty of data about us can be inferred without data specifically about us (see above.)
- Consent is impossible when you do not know how your data can be used against you.
Perhaps saying “owning and controlling your own data” (a phrase we use a lot at []( is misleading. We use it because, right now, corporations *do* own and control data about us, and so it makes sense that the inverse is that *we* (individuals) own and control that data. Maybe the emphasis should be on *control*. Maybe there are better words.
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