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title: "Building the Woke Web: Web Accessibility, Inclusion & Social Justice"
date: 2020-06-29T16:30:20+01:00
type: ["lens"]
tags: ["accessibility", "inclusivity", "equality"]
categories: ["Laura’s Lens"]
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publication: "A List Apart"
writer: "Olu Niyiawosusi"
>“Not having access to the internet is expensive, locking you out of essential services and a surfeit of helpful information. Giving people full access to the splendors and knowledge of the online world should be imperative for everyone who works on it.”
> “People with disabilities are more likely to be a captive audience to apps and websites using their data inappropriately or engaging in other unethical practices. This may be because they rely on a particular site to interact with other people with disabilities, because they lack the tools to visit other sites, or lack other suitable websites or apps to use.”
>“All the tenets of intersectional feminism, web accessibility, and diversity and inclusion are inextricably tied up in making the web a better place, for all and by all.”
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