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Add syntax highlighting to recent post

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......@@ -24,20 +24,20 @@ Working on my [Notes](/notes) section, I realised I’d sometimes be adding mult
My HTML for these notes looks something like this:
{{< highlight html >}}
<figure class="note-image">
<img src="2018/06/14/21/osky1.jpg" alt="Oskar with his head on a cushion and begging eyes."/>
<img src="2018/06/14/21/osky2.jpg" alt="Oskar with his head on a cushion and closed eyes."/>
<img src="2018/06/14/21/osky3.jpg" alt="Oskar with his head on a cushion and begging eyes open again."/>
<figcaption><p>How could you say no to this face?</p></figcaption>
{{< /highlight >}}
Sometimes there is one image, sometimes two or three. I concluded there would rarely be more than three, though I’ll adjust the CSS accordingly if that is ever the case. Sometimes there is a caption, sometimes there isn’t.
The CSS is remarkably minimal:
{{< highlight css >}}
figure {
display: grid;
......@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ figure {
figcaption {
grid-area: figcaption;
{{< /highlight >}}
The images auto-fill across the first row, filling all available space. If there’s no image2 or image3, image1 fills 100% of the available width.
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