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title: "Sorry, But Male Geniuses Are Replaceable"
date: 2019-10-01T10:50:10+01:00
type: ["radar"]
tags: ['misogyny', 'community', 'discrimination']
categories: ["Laura’s Lens"]
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publication: "Medium"
writer: "Sarah Olson"
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> “Perhaps it’s easier to separate the scientist from his science when you’re not, and never will be, affected personally by misogyny and sexism.”
> “Unfortunately, many women in STEM are adversely affected by misogynists and sexists when those men are highly regarded and respected within the scientific community. After all, sexual harassment isn’t really about sex — it’s about power.”
> “[W]hat’s worth more, the contributions of a lone male genius who assaults and harasses and discriminates against women, or the contributions of a large scientific community unhindered by a misogynistic and unsafe environment?”
The same goes for the tech community… and also for the racist and white supremacist ideologies held within.
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