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title: "The biggest lie tech people tell themselves and the rest of us"
date: 2019-10-15T16:19:45+01:00
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tags: ["facial recognition", "ethics", "progress"]
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publication: "Vox"
writer: "Rose Eveleth"
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>“[T]he assertion that technology companies can’t possibly be shaped or restrained with the public’s interest in mind is to argue that they are fundamentally different from any other industry. They’re not.”
>“There’s a growing chasm between how everyday users feel about the technology around them and how companies decide what to make. And yet, these companies say they have our best interests in mind. We can’t go back, they say. We can’t stop the “natural evolution of technology.” But the “natural evolution of technology” was never a thing to begin with, and it’s time to question what “progress” actually means.”
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