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title: "Europe’s top court says active consent is needed for tracking cookies"
date: 2019-10-02T10:16:17+01:00
type: ["lens"]
tags: ["tracking", "privacy", "consent"]
categories: ["Laura’s Lens"]
body_classes: "lens"
postURL: ""
publication: "TechCrunch"
writer: "Natasha Lomas"
image: "image.jpg"
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>“Europe’s top court has ruled that pre-checked consent boxes for dropping cookies are not legally valid.
>Consent must be obtained prior to storing or accessing non-essential cookies, such as tracking cookies for targeted advertising. Consent cannot be implied or assumed.”
>“Sites that have relied upon opting EU users into ad-tracking cookies in the hopes they’ll just click okay to make the cookie banner go away are in for a rude awakening.”
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