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title: "‘Normal’ Was Actually Not Great for a Lot of People"
date: 2020-07-01T19:27:59+01:00
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tags: ["accessibility", "disability", "coronavirus"]
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publication: "Esquire"
writer: "Alice Wong"
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imagealt: "Alice Wong."
>“In this critical time, when scarcity is a reality, you see the hierarchy. Certain groups are valued over others. This is the world that so many disabled and chronically ill people already live in. Our lives are still seen as expendable. Now the magnitude is much greater.”
>“My hope for coming out of this pandemic is that we don’t return to the status quo. Many don’t realize that “normal” was actually not great for a lot of people. Just because all of the nondisabled people go back to work—or to Burning Man, or to Coachella—that doesn’t mean we should stop thinking about accessibility.”
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