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## Past Talks
* **New Adventures** in Nottingham, UK, <span class="date">23rd January 2020</span>. [Read and watch the ‘Defying the mainstream: building technology that respects our rights’ presentation on Notist](
* **ffconf** in Brighton, UK, <span class="date">8th November 2019</span>. [Read and watch the ‘8 Unbelievable Things You Never Knew About Tracking’ presentation on Notist](
* **Accessibility Scotland** in Edinburgh, Scotland, <span class="date">25th October 2019</span>. [Read and watch the ‘Accessible unethical technology’ presentation on Notist](
* **** in Stockholm, Sweden, <span class="date">9th October 2019</span>. [Read and watch the ‘Disruptive Design: Harmful Patterns and Bad Practice’ presentation on Notist](
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