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......@@ -14,7 +14,6 @@
<section id='public-timeline'>
<h1>All Friends</h1>
<!-- Notice to display if there are no messages yet. -->
<div data-set-if='not messages' id='notice'>
<p>This is where you will see messages from all of your friends. Messages you send will also be seen by all of your friends.</p><p>To avoid confusion, when replying to friends here, start your messages them with <em>@<their handle></em>. Although this does nothing special at the moment, it might give them a notification in the future.</p><p>Also, remember that your friends won’t see each other’s messages unless they are also friends with each other. In the future, @handle could help with discovery if we link handles to people’s public pages (thereby making it possible for your friends to discover each other through your conversations on this timeline).</p>
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