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Update dates on Dynamic Type blog post and add to index of site

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......@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@
<div class='main h-entry'>
<h1 class='p-name long-title'>Adding iOS Dynamic Type Support to Better</h1>
<p class='post-date dt-published' datetime='2016-12-15 16:55:00'>15th December, 2016<span class='p-author'>Laura Kalbag</span></p>
<p class='post-date dt-published' datetime='2017-04-11 10:00:00'>11th April, 2017<span class='p-author'>Laura Kalbag</span></p>
<div class='e-content'>
<p>When <a href="">Nivi pointed out on Twitter that Better didn’t have Dynamic Type support</a>, it went to the top of my fix list.</p>
......@@ -46,6 +46,12 @@
<section class='news-list hfeed'>
<h1 class='p-name'>Blog</h1>
<ul class='posts-list'>
<li class='h-entry'>
<time datetime='2017-04-11 10:00:00' class='dt-published'>11th April, 2017</time>
<h2 class='p-name'> <a class='post-link u-url' href='dynamic-type-support/'>Adding iOS Dynamic Type Support to Better</a></h2>
<p class='p-summary'>Making Better more accessible using Dynamic Type in the app and browser.</p>
<li class='h-entry'>
<time datetime='2016-11-29 11:55:00' class='dt-published'>29th Nov, 2016</time>
<h2 class='p-name'> <a class='post-link u-url' href='better-css-overhaul/'>Better Styles Through ems</a></h2>
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