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<div class='main h-entry'>
<h1 class='p-name long-title'>Example Post Name</h1>
<p class='post-date dt-published' datetime='2015-01-07 10:20:00'>7th January, 2015 — <span class='p-author'>Laura Kalbag</span></p>
<h1 class='p-name long-title'>Firing on all cylinders</h1>
<p class='post-date dt-published' datetime='2015-01-30 11:30:00'>30th January, 2015 — <span class='p-author'>Aral Balkan</span></p>
<div class='e-content'>
<p>This is example text.</p>
<p>I’ll keep this week’s update brief as I’m itching to get back to coding Heartbeat.</p>
<img src='images/pulse-swift-team-at-work.jpg' alt='The Pulse team: George, Mark and Stefan working together in the office'/>
<h2>Pulse Swift Hack Weekend</h2>
<p>Over the weekend, Mark and Stefan flew over from the Netherlands to meet the rest of the team and hack on <a href=''>Pulse Swift</a>. Among other things, we set up a sweet Jenkin’s-based continuous integration environment on our new Mac Mini and, as of approximately 10:20PM British time, Pulse Swift received its first message. Awesome work, folks!</p>
<img src='images/pulse-swift-first-message.jpg' alt='The first message sent by Pulse Swift. Received message: Pulse.ClusterConfig'/>
<h2>Heartbeat pre-alpha</h2>
<p>We’re officially in pre-alpha mode and making great progress on Heartbeat. If you’re in the pre-alpha, we’ll send you another email with further details.</p>
<h2>Back to code</h2>
<p>Right, time for me to get back to my two favourite code editors (Xcode and Sublime Text). Have a lovely week and, as always, and on behalf of <a href=''>our little team</a>, thank you for your continued support.</p>
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<h2 class='site-name'><a href=''></a></h2>
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<h1 class='p-name'>Blog</h1>
<ul class='posts-list'>
<li class='h-entry'>
<time datetime='2015-01-12 15:00:00' class='dt-published'>12th Jan, 2015</time>
<h2 class='p-name'> <a class='post-link u-url' href='/blog/example-post/'>Example post name</a></h2>
<p class='p-summary'>An example post summary.</p>
<li class='h-entry'>
<time datetime='2015-01-12 15:00:00' class='dt-published'>12th Jan, 2015</time>
<h2 class='p-name'> <a class='post-link u-url' href='/blog/example-post/'>Another example post</a></h2>
<p class='p-summary'>Yet another example post summary.</p>
<time datetime='2015-01-30 11:30:00' class='dt-published'>30th Jan, 2015</time>
<h2 class='p-name'> <a class='post-link u-url' href='/blog/firing-on-all-cylinders/'>Firing on all cylinders</a></h2>
<p class='p-summary'>Pulse Swift Hack Weekend and Heartbeat pre-alpha</p>
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