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__Current status:__ 15 Sep, 2020: transparent JSON persistence is now functional. Next up: bring test coverage to 100% and then give the query mechanism an initial shot.
__Needless to say, this is not ready for use yet. But feel free to take a look around and share your thoughts.__
__Needless to say, this is not ready for use yet. But feel free to take a look around.__
## To install
Currently, you need to clone the repo as this is a work-in-progress and no releases have been made yet.
## Usage
Here’s a quick example to whet your appetite:
const WhatDB = require('.')
// Create your database in the test folder.
// (This is where your JSON files – “tables” – will be saved.)
const db = new WhatDB('test')
// Create test/people.json with some data.
db.people = [
{name: 'Aral', age: 43},
{name: 'Laura', age: 34}
// Correct Laura’s age. (This will automatically update test/people.json)
db.people[1].age = 33
// Add Oskar to the family. (This will automatically update test/people.json)
db.people.push({name: 'Oskar', age: 8})
After running the above script, try this one:
const WhatDB = require('.')
// This will load test database with the people table we created earlier.
const db = new WhatDB('test')
// Let’s make sure Oskar’s in there… ;)
## Use case
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