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Update roadmap and add a note on security regarding JSDF files

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......@@ -20,6 +20,7 @@ __Needless to say, this is not ready for use yet. But feel free to take a look a
- [x] ╰─ Document queries. (1 Oct)
- [x] __Bring code coverage back up to 100%.__ (2 Oct)
- [x] __Implement safety controls on instantiation and table replacement.__ (5 Oct)
- [ ] __Implement JSDF serialiser__ (inc. support for custom objects, and Date, etc.) _(in progress)_
- [ ] __Integrate into [Site.js]( _(in progress)_
- [ ] __Use/test on upcoming site__
- [ ] __Release version 1.0.0__
......@@ -145,6 +146,19 @@ For example, create an _index.html_ file with the following content in the same
## Important security note
Note that JSDF is __not__ a data exchange format. Since it contains JavaScript code that is run, you must only load JSDF files from a domain that you own and control and have a secure connection to.
__Do not load in JSDF files from third parties.__
If you want a data _exchange_ format, use [JSON](
- JSON is a terrible format for a database but a great format for data exchange.
- JSDF is a terrible format for data exchange but a great format for a JavaScript database.
## JavaScript Query Language (JSQL)
Of course, when you load the data in directly, you are not running it inside JSDB so you cannot update the data or use the JavaScript Query Language (JSQL) to query it.
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