1. 17 Mar, 2021 1 commit
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  3. 04 Mar, 2021 2 commits
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      Merge commit '3fab4a55' · 02d52d01
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      Squashed '.hugo/themes/starter-theme/' changes from 91eb987e..2e2b0959 · 3fab4a55
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      2e2b0959 Merge commit 'b9c727b960405351914068be0e46ff6294daab1a' into starters-theme
      dc9cce4f Add i18n for menu button text
      f9850ebf Add i18n for image not found error
      f92fcd05 Add i18n for skip link text
      8ef3fc45 Remove Turkish translation for now as I can’t maintain it
      298edad2 Remove duplicate title from RSS feed description
      ea1b37ee Merge commit '01b143820232b5006b16c764c3af7044edcd3e7b'
      git-subtree-dir: .hugo/themes/starter-theme
      git-subtree-split: 2e2b0959271f8b6fdf5b0bb81b1c40338500cb37
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  6. 11 Feb, 2021 8 commits
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      Add news and troubleshooting sections · d6872b4b
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      Add closing tags to image shortcodes · 47ad009c
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      Rename site in config · bcb18007
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      Merge commit '7ac62f80' · cf188601
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      Squashed '.hugo/themes/starter-theme/' changes from 2f116aa..f6a5185 · 7ac62f80
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      f6a5185 Remove empty tags and categories arrays to prevent empty template vars
      28a62dc Don't apply title classes to the site title
      8ead610 Make comment about cascading more specific
      fb94803 Improve pagination layout to make padding consistent
      6396235 Start fixing image display.
      66cb822 Remove unused partial
      29f1541 Remove my palette colours from the theme palette
      72b7925 Add old colour palettes in theme colour palette format
      bdd6ee2 Start working old colours into theme
      97229d6 Add ability to add colour-theme overriding from frontmatter
      9f6d17f Remove concept of colour tint as it just adds complexity
      c74ea5c Rename "colours-mode" to "colours" for simplicity/understandability
      666540b Merge branch 'rewrite-1' into 'master'
      65a0047 Add single page titles as a body class (as a useful CSS hook)
      d6ad11a Remove CSS associated with removed features
      763fcec Fix intros for my site, and make all section index content intros
      7e71d58 Remove unnecessary concept of homeIntro
      c10d5a6 Move header partials inside /header folder for neatness
      f56f8df Add menuButton param to site params.toml to determine nav button
      e968631 Use cropThumbnailWidth and cropThumbnailHeight in frontmatter
      0f73b96 Make section pagination number customisable
      0129b4e Start process of adding thumbnailCrop option to frontmatter params
      972cbe4 Remove now-unused feature image partials
      de04361 Remove redundant photoblog CSS and replace with simple photos styles
      eb108fe Remove now-unnecessary rule
      4ebfd6e Pluralise the classname of the list listPost type
      34a22e4 If a section has a cascding listPost type, set that as a classname
      289de03 Fix reference to thumbnail post partial
      d11af68 Add different list post type displays, determined by post frontmatter
      dbfd5b0 Add empty posts/custom template for custom list post display
      77f710a Indent/format image template for readability
      e9ba354 Improve comments in image shortcode
      d4c2415 Remove now-unnecessary layout-related templating
      48d1ab8 Remove thumbnail srcset sizes as thumbs are full-width by default
      22db7c8 Make figure and image shortcodes interchangeable in use
      ba70f8f Remove now-redundant feature image templating from single template
      17bceeb Remove now-redundant no-post-image template
      9a0b221 Use thumbnailSrcsetSizes for thumbnail images
      eddd0b6 If a post has a thumbnail, show it in list view with front matter alt
      f462773 Remove redundant groupbypost templating in post.html
      ed69727 Refactor image-related params
      4e82630 For posts that only want thumbnails for social media, use social.etc
      0ee3eeb Add better comments for social-meta-image functionality
      59c7b05 Replace social meta feature image with thumbnail image
      914a071 Replace postThumbnailAltText with altText param for simplicity
      88c1093 Rename and reinstate featuredImageAltText to postThumbnailAltText
      0e1bbd0 Add thumbnail: true/false as archetype defaults
      2b19e81 Get image variables working by calling site.params further up chain
      b3a6558 Get image orientation using existing function for brevity
      88b237c Order variables alphabetically for readability
      5baef2c Remove unused variables and order alphabetically for readability
      7145b38 Rewrite figure shortcode to support multiple images (any inner content)
      021be4c Remove redundant use of imageWidths param in figure.html
      4230bdf Add explainer comment
      e423f27 Use correct IsHome variable
      24da68e Merge homepage and list templates into one template
      4992f10 Move list-related partials into list folder
      2ac33cb Show bodyClasses param in <body> classes
      21e5c94 Hardcode in the srcset sizes for now
      fd095d5 Remove redundant (and incorrectly specified) srcset px densities
      30dcd04 Shorten definition of long title from 40 chars to 30
      2d7362d Add possible long title classname to photo post article titles
      923d608 Move colour mode logic from Hugo into CSS
      a79149c Move colour palettes out of data and into palette.css CSS variables
      fbd1d35 Display colour mode params as body data attributes
      5ed4009 Merge commit 'e93abedd'
      db68469 Merge commit '5966c1f0'
      git-subtree-dir: .hugo/themes/starter-theme
      git-subtree-split: f6a5185f267ea1d77a73d1657fc8989fbb90bd1c
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