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Remove Turkish translation for now as I can’t maintain it

Towards #160
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other = "Copyright"
other = "Tagged with:"
other = "Categorised under:"
other = "sayfalara numara koyma"
other = "Önceki sayfa"
other = "Sonraki Sayfa"
other = "Geçerli sayfa"
other = "Sayfa {{ .PageNumber }}/{{ .TotalPages }}"
other = "{{ .PageNumber }} sayfasına git"
other = "nı okuyun"
other ="Y'{{ .Title }} {{ .Site.Title }} altındaki gönderiler"
other = "RSS feed"
other = "ATOM feed"
other = "Whole site RSS feed"
other = "Whole site ATOM feed"
other = "Orijinal yazıyı okuyun ‘{{ .Title }}’"
other = "Posts from {{ .Site.Title }}"
other = "Page not found"
other = "<p>Sorry, there was no page found at THE_PATH.</p><p><a href='/'>Return to the homepage</a>.</p>"
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