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__Note:__ On Windows, please install via npm: `npm i -g web-server`.
## As a development server
## Use
### As a development server
You can also use Indie Web Server as a local development server __with locally-trusted TLS certificates__ (no certificate warnings) on Linux, macOS, and Windows.
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## Extend the server
### As a local proxy server
Say you’re running [Hugo]( locally at its default location (http://localhost:1313) and you want to test it via TLS:
{{<highlight shell>}}
web-server proxy localhost:1313
Now you can view it at https://localhost and even your live reload will work as Indie Web Server in proxy mode also proxies WebSockets.
### As a staging server
To give others access to your server without running as a deployment server (daemon):
{{<highlight shell>}}
web-server global
Then use, for example, [ngrok]( (Pro+) to point a custom domain name to your temporary staging server. Make sure you set your `hostname` file (e.g., in `/etc/hostname` or via `hostnamectl set-hostname <hostname>` or the equivalent for your platform) to match your domain name. The first time you hit your server via your hostname it will take a little longer to load as your Let’s Encrypt certificates are being automatically provisioned by ACME TLS.
### As a deployment server
{{<highlight shell>}}
web-server enable
Once your server is running, it will survive crashes and server restarts and you can use the following commands:
* `web-server status`: display the server status.
* `web-server logs`: display the server logs.
* `web-server disable`: stop the server and remove it from startup items.
## Extend
You can extend the server and create your own dynamic servers using Node.js:
{{<highlight shell>}}
npm i
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