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Fix missing content in latest radar post

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title: "In Healthcare Better Data Demands Better Privacy Protections"
title: "In healthcare, better data demands better privacy protections"
date: 2019-02-13T09:10:25Z
type: ["radar"]
author: "Laura Kalbag"
image: ""
description: ""
postURL: ""
forumLink: ""
postURL: ""
forumLink: ""
> “Here is a markdown quote”<!--more-->
Here is my comment on the matter.
author = who wrote the original post
image = URL of feature image from original post (for use on social media etc)
description = Summary/description if not using !more comment
postURL = URL of original post
forumLink = Link to where this is also posted on the forum
\ No newline at end of file
> “How can we explain what is going on here? One possibility is that startup nation advocates pushed hard to ratify the plan as soon as possible, because of its contribution to innovation; these advocates view considerations of privacy as obstacles.”<!--more-->
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