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title: "How Big Tech’s cozy relationship with Ireland threatens data privacy around the world"
date: 2019-04-24T13:44:03+01:00
type: ["radar"]
author: "Laura Kalbag"
image: "/radar/how-big-techs-cozy-relationship-with-ireland-threatens-data-privacy/image.jpg"
postURL: ""
forumLink: ""
publication: "Politico"
writer: "Nicholas Vinocur"
tags: ["Facebook", "regulation", "Ireland"]
> “Ireland’s failure to safeguard huge stores of personal information looms larger now that the country is the primary regulator responsible for protecting the health information, email addresses, financial records, relationship status, search histories and friend lists for hundreds of millions of Americans, Europeans and other users around the globe.”<!--more-->
> “Despite its vows to beef up its threadbare regulatory apparatus, Ireland has a long history of catering to the very companies it is supposed to oversee…”
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