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......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ The Small Web is a _public space_ comprised of _places you own and control_.
## Big Web vs Small Web
The Small Web, while built on some of the same fundamental web technologies, is the opposite of the Big Web.
__The Small Web is the opposite of the Big Web__ (even though it is built using some of the same underlying technologies).
| Big Web | Small Web |
| ----------------------- | ---------------------- |
......@@ -27,54 +27,23 @@ The Small Web, while built on some of the same fundamental web technologies, is
| Don’t trust the client | Trust the client |
| Owned by corporations | Owned by individuals |
| Call people “users” | Call people “people” |
| Servers have many users | A server has one owner |
| Servers have many users<br>(multi-tenant) | A server has one owner<br>(single-tenant) |
## The projects
__Status:__ pre-release.
<ol class='emphasised-numbers'>
<h3>Create a tool for making Small Web places.</h3>
<p>This is Place, a fork of <a href=''>Site.js</a>.</p>
<p>Status: <strong>alpha</strong></p>
<p>A tool to enable people and organisations to run Small Web domains where people can have their Small Web places.</p>
<p><a href=''>View the source code</a> and <a href=''>watch a video demonstration of Domain. </a></p>
<h3>Create sites that make it easy to deploy places.</h3>
<p>We’re building the first such site at to enable people to host their own place on their own Virtual Private Server (VPS) at their own domain.</p>
<h3>Create a reference place.</h3>
<p>This is Meep, a type of Small Web place where people can have both public and private conversations.</p>
<p>Status: <strong>pre-alpha</strong></p>
<p>Based on a fork of <a href=''>Site.js</a>, the goal of Place is to be a reference personal Small Web place where people can express themselves and communicate both privately and publicly.</p>
(Development on these three projects is taking place simultaneously as each informs and complements the other.)
## Definitions
### Place
Your place on the World Wide Web.
A place where you decide if you want to be public or private (and private means private).
A place where you can communicate with anyone else’s place.
This is your own place on the web and it needs some physical space on which to live. You can buy or rent the space from anyone and move between hosts without changing your address. And, crucially, you _(and you alone)_ hold the key to your own place.
(You can also host your Small Web place on hardware you own, like a single-board computer.)
### Small Web protocols
Conventions that Small Web places adhere to that enable them to:
- Be set up quickly and inexpensively.
- Be under the ownership and control of a single person (the one who holds the key).
- Communicate with each other privately.
- Be extensible by the community.
- Be moved from one VPS host to another easily (avoid lock-in).
[Small Web protocols]( are a superset of the World Wide Web protocols. Web sites that conform to them are called Small Web places.
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