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About small technology

Laura Kalbag requested to merge about-small-technology into master

A group of commits that can be cherry-picked to edit the Small Technology part of the About page.

  • Rework section on accessibility to be more concise (4c09bd3a)

  • Split into paragraphs for readability (a2309510)

  • Swap “married” for “coupled” because coupling is just as good (91c9dc83)

  • Specify who the people are in the liberal open-source licensing bit (08aad16e)

  • Break long paragraphs into more accessible chunks. (8adf4fb8)

  • Clarify explanation about Facebook, and make it clear that uncle Mark isn't just a person's uncle called Mark. (fdfa91bf)

  • Add comma for clarity (4497b4ee)

  • Move commas to make sentence easier to read. Change US eng to UK eng. (392c6548)

  • Clarify what it is, who they are, and what the two are. (bba796e7)

  • Remove ‘development’ in ‘development teams’ (662ead4b)

  • Remove redundant ‘that’s. (ee9a5fc2)

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